Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Embroidery Books

I just found a bookstore with a huge selection of embroidery books, the store belongs to a friend's niece. The name of the store is "Booksmith" in San Francisco, California.

The link is under "Favorite Shops" on the right- you can do a search for embroidery and find many pages of books.

Too many books and so little time to do the stitching.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Silk Shading at RSN

Just returned from San Francisco, I was there for two weeks taking the silk shading certificate class from the Royal School of Needlework. The above picture is the first day getting ready to stitch. I love the sweet pea!

Lucy, a graduate of the school, lives in San Francisco and is the USA Education Coordinator. They will be offering the Certificate classes in April/May and September/October each year. They offered day classes this time too and will offer day classes next spring and maybe this fall, check the website for the RSN http://www.royal-needlework.co.uk/or contact jessica.aldred@royal-needlework.org.uk for more information on the classes and the new Foundation Degree beginning this fall in England.

There were 11 students from all over the country in two class rooms doing silk shading, gold work, Jacobean crewel for the certificate class and two working on advanced classes in gold work and stumpwork. It was fun to watch all the projects and learn more about each technique. Everyone worked very hard to complete their projects in two weeks.

Here is a picture of my project, I am looking forward to it arriving in the mail after the assessment, hope I pass the class. Keeping my fingers crossed!